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CS:GO Player suNny Reveals Why Social Media Is Bad



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25-year-old Finnish CS:GO player Miikka Kemppi, known as “suNny” had played for top-tier teams like Mousesports, Cloud9, Hellraisers and more. Currently, he is playing for ENCE.  On 27 September, during the interview with, suNny revealed why social media is really bad for them. asked:

“In an earlier interview you said it may take you a few events to get back into the groove of things and catch up with the current meta. You had a bit of a rough event in Moscow, how are you feeling after a few series here?”

suNny answered:

“In regards to Moscow, the stats lie sometimes. Our opponents saved a lot of rounds on 3vs5, 4vs5s, so when you don’t even have a chance to get kills you don’t always have good stats. We had four guys with negative ratings yet we won one match pretty easily and played two close matches, so stats lie sometimes and I think in that case we played somewhat better than what the ratings show.”

He added:

“As far as this event, especially in the G2 match, I feel like there was a big mental block. They made great comebacks, I don’t want to take anything away from them, but it felt like we lost the match instead of them winning it because we had 5vs3 situations in which we didn’t communicate properly and people walked behind us and stuff like that. We kind of set too “high expectations” even though we didn’t have them, but for some reason we’re feeling some pressure. I think it’s because of social media and stuff like that, which we just need to get rid of. After the match we asked ourselves how we can make those kinds of mistakes even though we’ve all been through so much already. We basically just had a team talk and discussed that we need to play the way we do in practice.”

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