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CS:GO Player sunNy Reveals Why Mousesports Was Exhausting



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Miikka Kemppi, known as “sunNy” is a 25-year-old Finnish CS:GO player who has been playing for ENCE since August 2019. Before ENCE, he played for Mousesports for 2 years. On 11 September, during the interview with, sunNy said that he was so exhausted while he was playing for Mousesports. He explained that they couldn’t prepare enough so it got to a point that they had fought in the team. asked:

“why and how did you end up on the bench of mousesports?”

sunNy replied:

“Because I felt that with the team we had last year we achieved almost everything we could. Obviously, we wanted to be better than what we had in mousesports, we wanted to change some people. We kind of agreed with that, but then, on the other hand, we didn’t, they [mousesports organization] wanted a different team than we did, including ropz. As a player, I always wanted to move forward and I wanted to be the best, not a top 5 or a top 8 team. I think that was the biggest reason I didn’t continue with them because we couldn’t get a better team than we had at that moment. And it was pretty clear to mousesports that we wanted to be better than we were. We had, I think, a five months discussion about how the team should look and we didn’t agree. I wanted things different to them.”

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