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CS:GO Player Swag Saddened The Community With A Horrible Announcement



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Braxton Pierce, known as “Swag,” is a 23-year-old American CS:GO player who had played for teams like iBUYPOWER, Lazarus Esports, Swole Patrol, GX and many more. Currently, he is looking for a team to play.

A few days ago, Swag announced that he is thinking about suicide and feeling really bad for his life. Also, he said that he is looking for any help to get through this.

Here is what Swag wrote:

“I’m so good at fucking things up i honestly hate my life having suicidal thoughts for the 1st time what do I do? I can barely open up to ppl I love so how can a therapist help me?”

Team Liquid player Stewie2k replied:

“You aren’t human if you don’t fuck up, family. I’m always here for you, i know you know that. They say turn wounds into wisdom & that’s what makes us strong. Here for you brother. hmu”

Another player Subroza replied:

“I feel you on this, hardest thing is to talk about it and open up, we the same type. Hard times like these only make you stronger and you know I’ll always be there family. Love you bro, you know im here.

You inspire people, remember.💕”

eUnited player Cooper said:

“You’ll get through this bro, therapy will help yes or reach out to anyone willing to talk for the time being. Here if you need anything”

You can check Swag’s tweet below.

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