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CS:GO Player Vilga Kicked From Faceit For Bizarre Reason



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28-year-old Russian CS:GO player Ksenia Klyuenkova, known as “vilga” had played for teams like Besiktas Esports, Team Secret, Assassins and many more. Since June 2018, she has been playing for Copenhagen Flames Fe.

On 1 December, she finds out that she is kicked from the Faceit due to the inactivity. Also, she was wondering how can she get it back.

vilga said:

“Got kicked from FPLC for inactivity, been there since day 1, is there any chance to get it back if i get back on the grind? @Faceit_Mikey@FPLCircuit@FACEIT”

A fan named Experrience replied:

“yes you can qualify to FPL-C qual as everybody else”

vilga replied:

“yes i was there all the time, just asking if i can get my spot back, is there a problem?”

Another fan Wetz replied:

“Why would you get your spot back if you got kicked for inactivity though”

vilga said:

“cause i was focusing on pracc too much, watching demos and shit, i will be more active if i get a chance”

You can check the tweets below.

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