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CS:GO Player woxic Reveals A Secret Tip For The LAN Events



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21-year-old Turkish CS:GO player Özgür Eker, known as “woxic” has been playing for Mousesports since 14 March 2019. Before that, he was playing for Hellraisers. On 25 November, after the win of the CS:GO Asia Championships 2019, during the interview with, he revealed that seating positions in LAN tournaments can affect your gameplay.

“At this event the team changed seating arrangements, where you’re in the middle while karrigan is to your right. What is the reason behind this?”

woxic replied:

“The reason is because Finn (karrigan) started playing with frozen in sites, for example, B on Inferno. They want to see each others’ monitors better, because when he was next to me he wouldn’t be able to see his (frozen’s) monitor. If I sit in the middle as the AWPer, and if I play in Mid on Inferno, I have the guys on B located to my right, and the guys on A located to my left both in real life and in-game.”

He added:

“Basically, it’s a perfect fit for us right now, because I can see everyone’s monitor. Also, AWPers are usually supporting, so it means that I can see their positions and I can easily flash for them. It’s better, because chrisJ is not playing too far away from me, and on Dust2 I’m playing with Finn (karrigan), and he’s next to me now. This is the first time we tried this setup at a tournament, and I think it worked really well.”

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