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CS:GO Player ZywOo Reveals His Biggest Opponent



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Mathieu Herbaut, known as “ZywOo” is a 19-year-old French CS:GO player who has been playing for Team Vitality since October 2018. After he joined the Vitality, he started the dominate the scene. For most people in the community, he is the best player in the world.

On 26 December, during the interview with, ZywOo revealed that Astralis player Nicolai¬†“dev1ce” Reedtz is the biggest opponent for him to reach the top 1 player in the world.

ZywOo said:

“From an individual perspective, as months went by I started to realise that I could compete with amazing players like device, s1mple and EliGE. It is absolutely amazing to be considered one of the best players in the world, especially in my first full year”

He added:

“Despite s1mple’s impressive stats, device had another very impressive year with Astralis, and I think he deserves to be No.1. He is the most complete player I have ever seen and faced.”

ZywOo continued:

“I think I will be in the top 20 but it has never been my goal to be No.1. All I wanted was to have a great year with Vitality and to win tournaments, and even though we had ups and downs, I am fully satisfied with our first year as a team, and I cannot wait to compete in 2020 and to do better. To be in the top 20 would be a bonus for me, and I can only thank Vitality and my teammates for helping me to grow as a player. I also have to thank everyone for their support, I have no words to describe how important it is to me. The amount of support I have received is just incredible”

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