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CS:GO Players React To New Grenade Changes



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After over years, Valve finally brought a brand new update into CS:GO with a new operation named ‘Riptide,’ which will be covering one of the biggest meta changes the player base will see in for a while.

The update featuring new map changes on Dust 2, Ancient, and Inferno. Besides that, the update also includes enabling the grenades to be droppable just like the weapons during the competitive games.

This change will bring lots of varieties on both CT and T sides, as well as bringing more complexity in maps such as Dust 2, Inferno, and more. While some of the players think that this is a great change, other players think otherwise.

“Who do I have to speak to for this to be removed, buying a grenade for a teammate sure it’s a cool feature but not dropping one on the fucking ground,” Smooya said. “CS is literally a new game now.”

Mousesports player Ropz didn’t reveal if he liked the new change or not, but he believes that the game will be bringing new possibilities. “Dropping nades going to shift the meta for sure,” he wrote. “Lots of new things possible.”

On the other hand, the players such as Nikola “NiKo” Kovač and Mathias “MSL” Lauridsen didn’t like the new grenade changes at all. “Not big fan of the grenade dropping,” the Bosnian player expressed his feelings.

Furthermore, MSL believes that the fundamentals of Counter-Strike will be damaged with this change. “I think changing fundamentals of the game sucks,” he said. “One of the key elements in CS, was being able to read utility and use it to your advantage, it’s pretty much gone and you will never be able to trust your instinct with it.”

Also, the Russian player Seized mentioned that it will help the CT’s more. “Just imagine as CT, you can drop smoke CT spawn on Dust 2, after taking long push first, you can run CT back and just shot smoke to B players,” he pointed out how it will impact the game in the tweet.

Besides these changes, Valve also revealed in the patch notes that they nerfed Deagle’s body shot damage as well as buffing M4A1-S’s body shot damage, and the also reduced the prices of Dual Elites to $300.

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