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CS:GO Pro Player Reveals Why He Left eUnited



26 years old in-game leader Pujan Mehta known as “FNS” decided to leave eUnited after the Minor Championship losses. He highlighted to CS:GO that game is becoming less fun to play. Before eUnited, He was playing on Cloud9; after the bad results showed up, he stepped back from the scene. He was inactive for almost 3 months.

FNS said:

“I’ve decided to leave eUnited. After that minor loss, I had a lot of time to reflect individually. The game just became less and less fun to play throughout my time on this team. That’s not any one person’s fault. Just a collective result of bad performances from us as well as not making the major which hurt a lot.”

“From consistent roster changes to “issues” with coaching, it never felt right from the start and it definitely got to a point where it was impossible to play and improve with the environment & circumstances that was created. I’m still looking to play if the opportunity presents itself, as long as it’s alongside players I already know very well and know me just as well. I wish nothing but the best to the eU squads and I hope they find success sooner rather than later.”

Lots of professional CS:GO players wish him luck on Twitter such as Seangares, JDM, desi.

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