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CS:GO Radar/Smoke Bug Drama!



Photo Credit: The photo was taken from the social media of the people mentioned in the title. If the photo owner wants us to remove, we will do it immediately.

Smoke bug or radar bug has been an issue for a while in CS:GO pro scene. Players like “gla1ve” “Xyp9x” from Astralis had accused for using Nvidia settings to see through smoke.

In fact, after Xyp9x was getting a kill through smoke vs MIBR on 23 November 2018, Faze player “Niko” had tweeted:

“How the hell did Xyp9x see him there through the smoke?”

I’m not calling anyone out and they are not the first players which are using it and it’s not their fault. I hope @csgo_dev will look into it and try to fix it somehow”

TACO replied:

“Superman big balls. But i’m gonna help you. Players don’t talk about it but we all know that certain players have been using it for months now. I never thought Astralis was using tho.”

Smoke/radar drama was rising since then, MIBR player TACO have a idea for this problem. He thinks that Valve couldn’t fix this until major stars, so ESL should be banned zoomed radar bind.

He tweeted:

“Hey my lovely @ESLCS, I know it must be late but I have 2 requests: 1- Make hats allowed again 2- Ban this RADAR bind that make it possible to see our opponents on the radar before the smoke fades. The #2 is really important. I want real CS.”

Astralis player “gla1ve” replied:

“I dont really understand the thing about the radar bind? Is it just the bind to make the radar more zoomed in?”

TACO replied back:

“Super funny, you could be a great comedian”

Fnatic player JW replied:

“Lol? If it is the zoom bind you are talking about, its not really gonna fix anything, players can just play with a fully zoomed radar all the time? The problem is not in a zoom-command, the real problem is that the enemies pop up on the radar before the smoke fades.”

TACO said:

“You found something that in some sense “abuses” a “bug” that happens in the game. You changed your game around this bind. And you’re proud of this. I’m just telling you what other players are afraid to tell. Not a surprise you would defend this shit ;)”


“I found this zoom bind about 1 month ago ish, i heard players were using it so why not, you know adapting? I dont defend it, im telling you where the problem is. I have never used anything that is banned from tournaments, Mr. using banned aliases during tournaments ;)”

Also NRG Player “Ethan” said:

“If they ban the radar bind you can just play with your radar zoomed in all the time, no fix for it right now really :/”

CS:GO legend “pronax” replied to TACO:

“Banning the bind itself wouldnt help anything at all, since players that play with zoomed in radar will still be at an advantage in that case, but I do agree with you that it’s a “bad feature” and honestly I never understood why we see enemies on the radar in the first place :S”

NIP Player REZ said:

“I agree with @SPUNJ idea, remove the ability to see enemies on the radar in general. This will also fix the bug that makes teammates see enemies on radar when other teammates dont, it has happened often that you hear ”You saw him on radar”, when it doesnt show up on your radar”

TACO replied:

“I also agree it’s the best long term solution, but as short term solution for the major my suggestion is to ban the zoomed in radar and the bind of course!”

Also fan named Jovan Derebanoski said:

“Idk if anyone of you guys remember, but flusha with fnatic won the major title by clutching that 5vs2 round on train where he kills rain in connector through smoke. Fnatic are doing it for a loooooong loooong time… I’m glad you guys started to speak up about this issue.”

TACO replied and directed JW’s tweet:

“Noooo.. JW just found out about this 1 month ago”

JW replied:

“Yes I did. And i immidiately told the players I knew didnt know about it already. Dont be so freaking salty dude, i dont even understand your arguments, i was dominating this game before people even realised how to set up a freaking config. You are board member in PA? Start there”

Fan named Andre Pienta:

“it’s a shame you discover a bug and instead of reporting it, you use a bind to take advantage of it”


“You are incredibly lost if you think I was the one finding the “bug” – I didnt even argue against it with taco to begin with, all I said was that the problem is NOT in the zoom radar bind. It goes deeper, i wanted to _HELP_ fixing it, no idea why he took it like something else”


“because it’s you and we all know you have abused the smoke/radar bug for months or even years now, i just found it really hypocritical and with you saying that you just found out about it 1 month ago made me really mad”

“sorry if the way I replied was aggressive sometimes when i’m mad i can’t control what I say, will take care of that for the next times”


“Of course, Its not like I dont hear the talk “behind the scenes”, tbh, i just waited for you or someone else to actually bother reaching out to me personally instead of just talking about it behind my back. That i found out about the radar zoom 1 month ago is 100% true”

“I apologize aswell if i sounded harsh, I also got mad for you “calling me out” cus i thought it was hypocritical when you guys played for about 1 year with the jumpscript even tho it was banned by tournaments”


“its ok, i was the one not arguing really well, and jump script bind are checked in our cfgs by T.Os, i’ve never abused it, you can easily download my cfgs from previous tournaments and check yourself”


“We both argued poorly, we both want the same thing but we ended up fighting eachother instead. You know I like you guys and i really dont want any bad blood. Next time lets just talk on steam or DM if there is anything. No need to look like morons”

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