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CS:GO Removes Cache From Active Duty Group and Vertigo Added! Here is the Player’s Thought



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On 28 March, CS:GO’s 48 mb update arrived to Steam. In this update, we have new music kits, map changes and bug fixes. But most important thing is Vertigo is now playable on tournaments.

Here is the update notes:

New Releases:

  • A new music kit EZ4ENCE by The Verkkars is now available for purchase.
  • A new Feral Predators Sticker Capsule is now available for purchase.


  • Vertigo has been moved from Reserves Group into the Active Duty Group.
  • Cache has been moved from Active Duty Group into Reserves Group.


  • Added new cover in bottom of mid, that doubles as a ramp towards “window” to B site
  • Pushed up CT spawns slightly
  • Prioritized spawn positions, CTs will be biased towards forward spawns, Ts biased towards rear spawns
  • Added corner railing to catwalk on B site
  • Blocked two-man boost on top of spools in CT spawn
  • Blocked angle over wall when going down stairs from B site towards T spawn
  • Tweaked T stairs up to bombsite B
  • Tweaked layout of T spawn slightly
  • Updated bombsite target models on sites
  • Elevator shaft injuries now count towards the injury statistic
  • Fixed various clipping issues


  • Grenades will no longer go through closed doors in certain rare circumstances.
  • Players can no longer pick up weapons through walls or without direct line-of-sight.


  • Fixed certain textures sometimes not rendering when running with -d3d9ex launch option.
  • Fixed an issue causing certain areas to not render correctly when spectating a player with zoom-in activated.
  • Fixed items removed from user’s inventory sometimes showing up in loadout and buy menu incorrectly.
  • Fixed player disconnect messages to have neutral names when communication preference is set to sanitize player names.
  • Added “consecutive_round_losses” value for each team to Game State Integration output.

Most of the community shares their oppinion about new active duty group map changes. Including daps, ropz, tarik and more…

Mousesports player ropz said:

“reworked cache is surely back after 1st of april, y’all just trying to juice all the PR, I’m in your head @csgo_dev”

“this update is some fortnite level shit, add a completely new competitive map to the pool before big tournaments LUL”

NRG player tarik:

“Vertigo?? Ayyy, haven’t played that map in a minute. I really like Cache tho”

Daps from NRG seems like doesn’t like this update. He said:

“Vertigo being added sucks mainly because it seems less viable than a slew of other maps and will most likely be banned every game. If they added Fire, Mill, Tuscan, Contra, Russka, Season etc.. you would probably see these played more then other maps in the current pool”

FaZe Clan‘s coach YNk said:

“I always try and give the devs the benefit of the doubt when it comes to updates, changes etc. but sometimes it really feels like they’re just taking the piss…”

“…It’s “just” 1 map and I’m not saying it will ruin the scene at any rate but the path we’ve been going down recently is a concerning one imo. Change is good but when your game gets this big and has a lot of different stakeholders you need to think things through, and carefully.”


“Well, welcome Vertigo. I have never played it but already excited to learn a new map!”

Team Vitality player NBK said:

“I can already see RpK fucking up his movements and jumping off the map few times a side… I can’t wait to play it!”

Former CS:GO pro seangares said:

“The ppl complaining about vertigo are probably the same ones who complained about overpass, cbble, mirage, the new inferno, nuke, d2, and train. People hate changes to the map pool, but @csgo_dev has always done a good job of quickly fixing maps. I’m all for the change.”

EliGE from Team Liquid replied him:

“Diffference is that it is vertigo being added instead of the tons of other competitive maps that look really good or at least way closer to being competitively viable. Like if we saw for instance sub zero or some other map that looks way closer to being good instead of an MM map”

“Instead vertigo looks like a map where the guy editing it couldnt stop putting down props and probably one of the most unclean maps that’s been added to the pool. I actually even said on my stream last night we should get a new map. difference is of what map was added”

seangares replied:

“I agree that subzero is capable of being in this spot, but I also really enjoy playing vertigo. It’s sooo different from the other maps, so I’m willing to give it a chance. My one concern is the sound. I’ve gotten quite confused in my pugs, but the same could be said for nuke.”

EliGE replied:

“i’m not even necessarily saying it is gonna be awful or anything liek that which some people assume, just that out of every map I think there are definitely others that wouldve needed less work and were more competitive ready. whenver a map is added, it affects pros immediately”

Heroic player friberg tweeted:

“Didn’t see Vertigo coming, interesting…”

One tap machine ScreaM said:

“I love the idea of having new maps into competitive CS. But I’m not sure about that one”

You can check the tweets below.


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