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CS:GO Team Red Reserve Breaches Terms of Disco Doplan’s Contract



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Red Reserve is founded in 2017. They had great players in their line up such as Ludvig “Brollan” Brolin, Simon “twist” Eliasson, Mikail “Maikelele” Bill.

Red Reserve’s biggest move was adding great awper William Sundin known as “draken” on their line up in 2018. Joakim “disco doplan” Gidetun was playing for Fnatic and GODSENT before Red Reserve.

He had joined Red Reserve on 14 June 2018. For his leaving reason, he claimed that Red Reserve violated the terms of the agreement on his contract.

On 8 February 2019, disco doplan tweeted:

“As of yesterday I officially terminated my contract with Red Reserve after a breach from their side. I will be looking for a new team during February/March while I work to improve both in and outside of the game. I’m hopeful and excited to see what 2019 has to offer!”

You can check the tweet below.

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