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CTZN Is Benched In Natus Vincere For Bizarre Reason



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Ben McMillan, known as “CTZN,” is a 21-year-old British Rainbow Six Siege player who had been playing for Natus Vincere since June 2019. Before that, he was playing for MnM Gaming.

A few days ago, the community was shocked because of the announcement of CTZN’s status. He was benched by the NaVi. Despite winning ESL Premiership Winter 2019, CTZN thought that this roster will never accomplish any success. So, he decided to leave the team.

NaVi’s manager Yaroslav “N1ghtEnd” Klochko said:

“After the Six Invitational 2020, Ben said he wanted to transfer to a different club, as he did not see himself in the roster in the future.

The attempts to convince the player to reconsider his decision were not successful, CTZN insisted on his initiative, which resulted in more strained relationships within the team. Due to that the club made a decision to bench CTZN till the end of the contract.”

His teammate Doki said:

“Unexpected, I know. Ben decided he wasn’t feeling comfortable in the team and decided to explore other opportunities. He’s probably the best guy I’ve ever met in siege and wish him nothing but the best, we had some great times – so here’s to many more!”

Another teammate neLo wrote:

“Really unexpected as he was with us from almost very beginning of the team, It was his decision and I wish him best of luck in the future”

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