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Daedalic Entertainment Announces LOTR: Gollum Game Coming



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A new game about the story of Gollum, one of the most important characters of The Lord of the RingsDaedalic Entertainment, along with Middle Earth Enterprises, is working on a game called Lord of The Ring: Gollum, which deals with the story of the story before the books.

The release date of the game is showing 2021. In addition, there is no published visual or trailer about the game. The CEO of Daedalic Entertainment made a statement about the game:

“We will see the places that are famous from Middle-earth in the game. We are currently focusing on the character of Gollum, trying to create a story that tells the story of the situation in the books. It will definitely be a different content and storytelling. Every decision we make must be consistent in character. When you come to the point where you need to make a decision in the game, two different voices will try to guide you.  This is also a hint about the game.”