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Damonte Parts Ways With 100 Thieves And Pursues On Content Creation



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23-year-old American mid-laner Tanner “Damonte” Damonte took his official Twitter account to share a new video and announced his partial retirement from the competitive League Of Legends.

Just as the video released, the North American organization 100 Thieves also announced that they have mutually parted ways with Damonte and wished him luck for his journey on content creation.

In the video, Damonte stated that he couldn’t find any team to join for the LCS Summer 2021 and he didn’t want to play on academy rosters. Therefore, he will be focusing on content creation for the upcoming days.

Furthermore, Damonte mentioned the turbulent moments of his career from the academy to LCS all the time and said that this is the perfect time to pursue on content creation career while saying that this isn’t the end of him playing in LCS in the future.

In the past weeks, we discussed various options with Damonte to be part of our League of Legends program and we’ve mutually decided to part ways for him to pursue his own content creation path,” 100 Thieves announced. “Tanner, good luck in the future. We wish you all the best!”

Damonte said:

“For the 2021 Summer Split, I was unable to find any LCS team and alongside to that, I have also made the choice now to not pursue any academy rosters as well. So, basically what this means that for the next six months I’m going to be focusing a lot on content creation.”

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What Damonte Did In His Career So Far

Damonte is one of the talented American mid laners in the LCS, but he had lots of problems with consistency. He firstly debuts his first LCS match after promoting from Echo Fox academy in 2018 and joined Clutch Gaming in the next year.

With Clutch Gaming, Damonte reached out to the semifinals of LCS Summer 2019, and won the LCS Regional Finals 2019. However, the roster demolished by the teams in the group stage of 2019 World Championship.

In late 2019, he decided to join Dignitas Academy, and performed really well in the league. Therefore, the newest organization in the LCS, Golden Guardians, added Damonte into their brand new roster in 2020.

After playing really well in the split, 100 Thieves decided to sign the core members of the Golden Guardians roster for the next split. Unfortunatly, Damonte couldn’t live up the expectations and demoted to the academy roster of 100 Thieves academy roster.

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