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DAMWON’s Khan Reveals The Only Way To Play One More Year



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Kim Dong-ha, known as “Khan,” is a 25-year-old South Korean League Of Legends player who has been playing under DAMWON Gaming for almost a year. Before that, he was playing for FunPlus Phoenix.

Earlier this year, Khan stated that it is possible for him to retire from the League Of Legends scene, and he confirmed this summer that he is going to retire due to his military service for the Korean army.

After they managed to pass out MAD Lions, Khan talked about his retirement once again during the post-match press conference and revealed the only way to play one more year before his retirement.

In the conversation, Khan was asked if he would continue playing if DAMWON Gaming wins the Worlds 2021, and Khan said that he wants to continue playing, but there are issues related to conscription that won’t be solved suddenly.

Furthermore, the experienced top laner pointed out that if the Korean government let him delay his military service for a further day, he might consider playing one more year in the professional scene.

Khan on his retirement:

“I do want to keep playing, but there are issues related to conscription that are time-sensitive and cannot be magically solved. If the Korean government shows me mercy and allows me to delay conscription, maybe I can play one more year?”

You can watch the conference below.

DAMWON Gaming will be facing their LCK opponent, T1, in the semifinals of Worlds 2021 on October 30, and the winner of this best-of-five series will pursue the finals to claim the biggest crown in the game.

In the finals, they will be facing the winner of Chinese organization EDward Gaming and another Korean roster, Gen.G Esports. The final will be held on November 6 as a best-of-five series.

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