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DAMWON’s Khan Says They Didn’t Prepare For MAD Lions



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Kim Dong-ha, known as “Khan,” is a 25-year-old South Korean League Of Legends player who has been representing DAMWON Gaming for almost a year. Previously, he was playing for FunPlus Phoenix.

After beating MAD Lions in the best-of-five series at Worlds quarterfinals, Khan spoke in a post-match interview and talked about their performances as well as evaluating the other teams and players.

In the interview, Khan pointed out that he never threatened about facing MAD Lions in the playoffs because he believes that most of the western players are pretty weak in the laning phase.

Furthermore, the experienced top laner stated that he never felt pressure about facing MAD Lions and their top laner İrfan “Armut” Tükek, saying that he was sure they would make it out to the semifinals.

While Khan was saying that he was sure they would easily pass through MAD, he also mentioned that they were more focused on their semi-finals opponent and arranged their practices accordingly.

Khan on facing MAD Lions:

“I didn’t feel too threatened while preparing for our quarterfinals match. Generally, Western players are a lot weaker in lane, so I didn’t feel too pressured about it. I was sure that we were going to make it out of quarters, so we focused our practice around our semi-finals opponent.”

Later in the conversation, Khan also shared his feelings about facing T1 in the semifinals and touched upon the fact that they need to practice well because they are going to play against a strong team.

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