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DarkZero Esports Rainbow Six Siege Player Hotancold: “Nomad Is One Of The Most Overpowered Attackers’



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Matthew Stevens, known as “Hotancold,” is a 22-year-old American Rainbow Six Siege player who has been playing under DarkZero Esports for over one and a half years. Previously, he was playing for SK Gaming.

Hotancold replied to a tweet of Spacestaion Gaming player Javier “Thinkingnade” DeAndre Escamilla and revealed his opinion about attack operator, Nomad.

In the tweet, Hotancold stated that he doesn’t understand why people are not talking about Nomad because he thinks that Nomad is one of the strongest operators on the attacker side at the moment, even though there are lots of strong operators like Thatcher, Ace, and more.

Here is what Thinkingnade wrote:

“Petition to give Nomad jackals pdw.”

Hotancold replied:

“I’m not sure how people don’t talk about it much, but I feel like Nomad is one of the most overpowered attackers in the game at the moment.”

Thinkingnade said:

“Solid operator for sure but not overpowered. It’s honestly easy to deal with half the air jabs.”

You can read the conversation below.

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