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DarkZero’s Canadian Shares His Thoughts About Ecl9se



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Troy “Canadian” Jaroslawski is a 25-year-old Canadian Rainbow Six Siege player who has been playing for DarkZero Esports since September 2021. Previously, he had represented Spacestation Gaming.

Canadian talked about DarkZero’s current operator picks and how they want to play the game as well as sharing his opinion about his teammate Tyler “Ecl9pse” McMullin during a recent appearance on

In the conversation, Canadian pointed out that DarkZero used to run flex picks in the matches as he used to do with Spacestation Gaming and Evil Geniuses, but they have become more static when Brandon “BC” Carr joined as the in-game leader.

Furthermore, the experienced player said that things have changed once again after his addition to the roster and said that they have been playing around the flex picks during the matches for a while now.

While Canadian was saying that one of the players had to come off their typical role because of these changes, he also mentioned how good Tyler “Ecl9pse” McMullin is as he was the person for the job.

Canadian touched upon the fact that even though Ecl9pse is a quiet person and people don’t know much about him, he said that Ecl9pse is a really smart and experienced player who can understand the game really well.

Canadian talked about their gameplay:

I’d say mostly that it’s down to the type of flex pick we run. They used to run a flex in the same sense that I’ve run like on SSG or on EG.

They used to run that with Mint on the team. But then, I think when Brandon stepped in, it was a lot more of just a static lineup, and yeah it switched a bit and then I joined in, in order to get that flex position, someone had to come off their typical role.”

Canadian on Ecl9pse:

“I think a lot of people don’t really know because he’s quiet, you know, they really don’t get much insight into his mind and whatnot. But he’s a very smart guy, very experienced player, he understands the game very well.”

Later in the conversation, Canadian also talked about their expectations for the Six Sweden Major 2021 event and said that they just want to do better what DarkZero Esports did in the past tournaments.

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