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David Beckham’s Organization Guild Esports Is Disqualified From Valorant Tournament For Exploiting A Bug



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In October, Guild Esports entered the Valorant scene by signing a full Swedish roster, including one of the best AWP players in the CS:GO scene, Draken, and wanted to make a huge difference in the tournaments.

In one of their first tournament at First Strike: Europe qualifiers, Guild Esports faced against the best team in Europe, G2 Esports, and managed to surprise everybody by beating the roster.

However, Riot Games made an announcement about a few days after and stated that Guild Esports is disqualified due to using an illegal boost, which can be done with the Killjoy’s turret and Sage’s wall.

With this announcement, Guild Esports became the first time to be disqualified in Valorant history. Afterward, Guild Esports and Draken posted a statement on social media, however, it didn’t change the result.

Both Draken and Guild Esports mentioned that they are devastated after this decision, and Draken said that they didn’t think that this would be an exploit because it is in the game for over months.

Here is the official announcement from Riot Games:

“An update on VALORANT First Strike: Europe. Riot officials have discovered that during their game on 11/13 Guild Esports used an exploit against G2 Esports. Exploits are prohibited under Rule 7.2.6 of the Global Competition Policy and as such Guild have been handed a forfeit loss.

G2 played in their place this afternoon, and Guild will be permitted to play in the Qualifiers next week.”

Guild Esports’ statement:

“Saturday 14th November 2020: Guild Esports have been informed today by Riot Games that the win against G2 Esports in the Valorant First Strike EU tournament qualifiers has been reversed due to what they felt was ‘exploitation of an in.-game bug to seek an advantage.’

The team is devastated by this decision, and we believe we deployed an innovative use of abilities that was permitted. We request that now thit tactic has been identified as an unintentional exploit, this is communicated to all teams and removed from the game.

We look forward to the next match with G2, and continuing in the First Strike tournament”

Draken said:

“We honestly thought that the boost was okay to use if we leave the turret underneath the wall. It has been in the game since Killjoy arrived and some of the developers were even informerd by Jibril 2 months ago, it is what it is.

Looking forward to our next game vs G2 Esports.”

You can read the tweet below.

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