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Dev1ce Says He Might Be The Number One CS:GO Player In 2019



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24-year-old Danish CS:GO player Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz is one of the most consistent and confident players in the CS:GO scene. Since January 2016, he has been representing Astralis and he earned over $1.630.000 from the events that he competed.

On 2 December, after their victory at the ECS Season 8 Finals, interviewed with the dev1ce and he shared his opinion for the question about who is gonna be the top player in 2019.

“This is another ECS MVP for you, your fourth. Is there something that especially suits you at these ECS events?”

Dev1ce replied:

“When you say it like that, there must be something, right? But no, in all honesty, I think it is not as stressful of a tournament, we only have one game per day and if you do well in group stage you have a day off so that is pretty nice. I think other than that, it is pretty random. I think that at this tournament Magisk also deserved to be the MVP. It is always like that, when we win tournaments it is not only one player doing the heavy lifting. Shoutout to him, and other than that, I’ll see next ECS, hopefully I can get it again, it is always a bonus when you win the final to find out that you are the MVP.”

He added:

“Of course, it also helps with the top 1 [player of the year] spot, I don’t know, ZywOo has amazing stats, but he is not going to be at any tournaments so I just have to play amazingly to maybe be able to deserve it. But I’m trying to focus on the tournament and then we will see.”

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