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DFM Steal Shares His Opinion About Aria



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Mun Geon-yeong, known as “Steal,” is a 22-year-old South Korean League Of Legends player who has been playing for DetonatioN FocusMe since December 2017. Previously, he was playing for Ever8 Winners.

After DetenatioN FocusMe advanced for the League Of Legends Worlds Championship group stage from play-ins, he spoke in a recent interview with Korizon Esports’ Ashley Kang and talked about Lee “Aria” Ga-eul.

Previously, the mid laner revealed in the interview that he has been playing more comfortably in Worlds 2021 compared to the MSI 2021 and said that playing in the same country helped his nerves a lot.

In the conversation, Ashley asked Steal about Aria’s individual improvement since the last year, and Steal pointed out that he has improved himself as an all-around player who can play both strong and weak side of the map.

Steal touched upon the fact that Aria developed as a team player who can do both carry role and weak side. Besides that, Steal also believes that Aria dropped a lot of his nerves during the Worlds 2021.

Steal on Aria:

“Aria seems to have dropped a lot of his nerves. And he is really good at playing for the teams, somethings giving up resources. He can play the weak side.

Then, when he is given a carry role and the team funnels for him, he does indeed carry. Aria has developed as a team player.”

You can check out the interview below.

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