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Dignitas CS:GO Player f0rest Makes A Statement After The Elimination From Flashpoint



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One of the legendary players in the Counter-Strike history, Patrik Lindberg, known as “f0rest,” has been representing Dignitas for over three months. Before that, he had played under Ninjas In Pyjamas jersey for over seven years.

f0rest has shared a new photo on his official Instagram account and made a statement about their status after the elimination from Flashpoint. He stated that the result was disappointing and unacceptable. Also, he said that he can’t wait to grind with Håkon “hallzerk” Fjærli in the future.

Here is what f0rest said:

“Our result at Flashpoint 1 was indeed disappointing. But the circumstances that occurred before and during was tough on all of us, and it took some time to really get going. I am thankful to GuardiaN for helping us out during this period it’s just a shame we couldn’t do more for him in terms of our placement…

But I had an awesome time in LA with everybody and I think they feel the same. Now that I’m back home it is so nice to enjoy the little things again, but mostly spending time with my wife and daughter. I’m also super excited to start grinding again with Hallzerk! Stay safe out there and I’ll see you guys next time I stream.”

A fan named Matheus Marino wrote:

“Good luck my friend, you are legends.”

Another fan named Shivam added this comment:

“Love you bruh… I wish we could see you playing cs for many years.”

You can check out his post below.

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