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Dignitas’ Friberg Says Xizt Can Be A Great Coach



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Adam “friberg” Friberg is a 29-year-old Swedish CS:GO player who is known for his time with Ninjas In Pyjamas between 2012-2017. Currently, he has been representing Dignitas for over one and a half years.

During a recent appearance on HLTV Confirmed, Friberg talked about the Swedish scene, his in-game leading skills, and Richard “Xizt” Landström’s retirement.

Recently, the veteran player Richard “Xizt” Landström announced that he will be retiring from competitive Counter-Strike due to lack of motivation, but he mentioned that he will be staying within the scene.

This announcement also means that Xizt might become a coach, a manager, or even an analyst in the future. However, the Swedish player didn’t identify what he will be doing in the future properly.

In the conversation, Friberg shared his opinion about Xizt’s ability to coach and stated that he really wants Xizt to become a coach. As Friberg said, Xizt will be a great addition to whoever team he will be joining either it will be a coach or an analyst.

Friberg on Xizt’s future:

“I think he is one of the better mid-round callers that I’ve played with. He’s really good on mid-round calling like how to micromanage small things in executes, and I think he would be a
really good coach for any team that needs like a an extra hand helping out in those situations.

I think he would do a lot a really good job like evolving the IGL in your team getting a different perspective. I think is another key part of him like get him with someone he hasn’t played with before so I think definitely he could be a coach he could be an analyst as well.”

You can check out the full conversation below.

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