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Dignitas League Of Legends Player Dardoch Reveals Which Teams Will Be On Top In LCS



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Joshua Hartnett, known as “Dardoch,” is a 22-year-old American League Of Legends player who has been representing Dignitas for over one month. Right now, he is playing for the academy roster of the team.

Dardoch spoke in the interview with Dignitas’ official website and revealed his opinion about the teams in the LCS and academy.

In the talk, Dardoch revealed his goals in his career and explained that he wants to be on form for this season. Also, he stated that Evil Geniuses has a huge potential to shake both LCS and academy league and said that Cloud9 is one of the teams that will be on top of the LCS.

Interviewer asked:

“There is a lot of anticipation among the fans about the next few months in League of Legends; so what are your expectations and goals for the season ahead?”

Dardoch replied:

“I think my goals will depend on which roster I’ll be primarily playing for, but more personally my goal is to get back in solid form and be playing at a higher level again. I’m hopeful to have the rosters move around as we have a lot of talent on both teams, so there’s great worth in that in my opinion.”

Interviewer asked:

“Which teams, of all those in the NA LCS, would you expect to see at the top of the ladder at the end of the Split and which team/s do you think are most likely to shake things up?”

Dardoch responded:

“I think EG is a team that will shake things up in both Academy and the LCS, because depending on which roster iteration they’re using they’re going to have Huni or Kumo playing in Academy, which will be super interesting. At the top I think you could expect Cloud9 and FlyQuest to be up there, as they’re both in great form, but as for everyone else I think it’s still up in the air.”

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