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Dignitas Valorant Player Dephh Explains Why Valorant Has A High Potential Than CS:GO



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28-year-old British/American former CS:GO player Rory Jackson, known as “Dephh,” had represented Complexity Gaming in between 2016-2019. In August 2020, he joined Dignitas as a Valorant player.

During the recent conversation with Dignitas’ official website, Dephh spoke about the longevity of both CS:GO and Valorant while explaining why Valorant has a high potential to bring more viewers to the game.

Dephh mentioned the fact that CS:GO features a lot more offensive words like bomb, terrorist, and more that makes the game harder to find out more sponsorships and viewership in the mainstream.

On the other hand, Valorant uses its own vocabulary that could make it much easier to reach out the more people and sponsors, and this is the main reason why Valorant has a high potential than CS:GO to have more longevity.

Interviewer asked:

“To further that point, do you think Valorant will have as much longevity as CS:GO?”

Dephh replied:

“I think we can look at League of Legends, and see that Riot’s model is proven to work with a MOBA, at least. I can only put my trust in Riot that they’ll do the same sort of thing with an FPS title.

The theme of the game is different from CS, too. With Valorant, Riot can actually reach out to more mainstream sponsors because they’re not dealing with things like gore and [graphic] themes like CS does.

I think that definitely gives Riot a good shot at making this game last. CS is still obviously lasting and thriving, but I would even say that Valorant has more potential.”

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