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“Do You Kiss Your Mother With That Dirty Mouth?” Nickmercs Says To A Kid During A Fortnite Game



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Famous Twitch streamer and Youtube for FaZe Clan, Nickmercs, posted a new video on his official Instagram account and revealed the interesting discussion he had with a kid during a Fortnite game.

Before the game starts, this kid was claiming that Nickmercs is a fake and trying to fool them with his voice. While the discussion continues, this kid started to swear to Nickmercs and the 30 years old streamer got shocked after hearing these words from a kid.

While Nickmercs was saying that these Fortnite kids are something else, he also asked this kid in-game if he kisses her mother with that dirty mouth or not, but the answer didn’t change. Also, this video of Nickmerc is viewed by around 200K people in less than a day.

Here is what Nickmercs wrote:

“These Fortnite kids are something else bro.”

You can check out the post below.

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