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Dota 2 Player fn Admits That He Is Not One Of The Best Players In The World Anymore



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25-year-old Ukranian Dota 2 player Rostislav Lozovoi, known as “fn,” has been playing for Gambit Esports since February 2020. Before that, he had played for teams like, Team Empire and more.

A few days ago, during the recent interview with VPesports, fn admitted that he is not a tier 1 player right now.

VPesports asked:

“There is this public opinion that in the CIS scene there are and all the other teams. What did you learn from them when you stood in for VP? Did that change your vision of what a tier-1 team is actually about?”

fn replied:

“Yes. The contrast was very serious. I can say that after playing with VP I cannot call myself a tier 1 player. At the moment, I am tier 2 player with the potential to be a tier 1. And accordingly, when I got to the people who won the Majors, who play on the same level with the best teams in the world, I completely revised many aspects of the game for myself.

The way people give their all to the game, I also revised it…So, I gained a lot of experience from the in-game interactions, and for me, this is a very precious experience that you cannot buy for any money.”

VPesports asked:

“You speak of yourself as a tier 2 player. Do you think that at some point in your career you were at tier 1, maybe at TI7?”

fn said:

“Yes, I think that I showed tier 1 performance before. The International 2017 playoffs matches were some of my best games.”

You can read the full interview by clicking here.

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