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Dr. Disrespect On Valorant: “It’s Somewhat Addicting”



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One of the most iconic streamers in the world who has been streaming live on YouTube recently, Dr. Disrespect, took his official Twitter account to share his thoughts about Valorant.

In the tweet, Doc shared a clip from his recent stream to show how a great clutch player he is. As you can see, Doc was playing on the defenders’ side as Phoenix on Ascent, and he understood where the enemy is coming from without any clue.

While he was showing that he can read the enemy like a book, Doc also mentioned that Valorant is somewhat addicting. Also, he said that they need to add few more maps to make the game and competition better.

Here is what Dr. Disrespect wrote:

“Valorant is somewhat addicting.

They just need a few more fun maps in the rotation. Flip phone is wide open.”

You can check out the post below.

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