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Dr Disrespect Slams CouRage: “Stop Stealing My Content And Focus On New Ones”



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Dr. Disrespect, who one of the best content creators of all time, took his official Twitter account to reply to the post of another streamer and content creator, CouRage.

As you might remember, Doc complained about the gaming industry about a week ago and criticized the developers by saying that there aren’t any new games in the market right now and wondered when they will release a new fresh game.

Yesterday, CouRage wanted to take attention to this problem and said that he has never been so bored with video games in his entire life. Following this tweet, Doc accused CouRage of stealing his content and slammed him by saying that he should focus on new content.

Here is what Dr. Disrespect said earlier:

“Just woke up from a nightmare. Then I realized it wasn’t a nightmare, it’s actually real.

Where are the new games at? Where’s the next BR, the next big FPS, the game built for streaming? 120 billion dollar industry.”

Here is what CouRage said yesterday:

“I have never been so bored of videogames in my entire 3 years of full-time streaming. Anyone else feel this way?

Considering just taking a full 2 weeks off to reset. Just got my new VLOG camera and want to make videos with it.”

Dr. Disrespect replied:

“How about focus on new content and stop stealing mine?”

You can check out the post below.

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