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Draken Returns Guild Esports After Two Weeks Of His Departure



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William “Draken” Sundin is a 25-year-old Swedish former CS:GO player who has an incredible talent in AWP that most of the players would be impressed by his incredible flicks and reaction time.

However, consistency is one of the most important things in esports, which Draken was lacking. Therefore, he had to leave the legendary teams such as Fnatic and Ninjas In Pyjamas back in the days.

After spending his time with Team Ancient, Japaleno, and Team GamerLegion, Draken decided to try his luck in the Valorant esports scene. His first serious team was Bonk, which was an organization-less roster.

In October 2020, the British esports organization Guild Esports decided to join the Valorant esports, and they signed the Bonk roster to do so. Unfortunately, the team and Draken couldn’t perform as expected in the tournaments and couldn’t get any victory in the tournaments.

Following such results, Guild Esports decided to part ways with Draken on June 12 but didn’t announce their fifth players. After waiting for two weeks, Guild announced that they agreed with Draken to rejoin the organization once again.

“Welcome, Draken! After evaluating all options we’ve decided to re-sign Draken, as we believe this gives us the best opportunity for success at this VCT,” Guild Esports announced. “At Guild, we’re constantly evaluating and assessing our roster to ensure the team has the best chance to bring home our next trophy.”

Draken wrote:

“Well well, lets spin it up again.”

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