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DrDisrespect Mocks TimTheTatMan With A Funny ‘Bro’ Video



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DrDisrecpect is one of the biggest content creators in the streaming world, and today, he shared a creative and funny video to mock another streamer, TimTheTatMan, via his official Twitter account.

As you might already know, TimTheTatMan is using the word ‘bro’ almost every sentence that he speaks. Yesterday, DrDisrespect replied to Tim’s tweet and stated that he will be releasing a new video about him.

After a short period, DrDisrespect released a 48 seconds long video of Tim, which are the clips of him every time he said ‘bro’ on the live stream. Also, DrDisrespect stated that this is only the intro of the 5 minutes long video.

Here is what DrDisrespect said:

Just from the first 5 minutes of your intro TimTheTatMan.”

TimTheTatman replied with humor:


You can check out the video below.

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