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Dwarf Fortress Is Going to Meet Steam Players



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Kitfox Games has announced that the new version of Dwarf Fortress will come to Steam. The revised version will feature modern graphics, new music and sound updates.

City Tycoon and the Rougelike game, Dwarf Fortress, was first released in August 2006 by two brothers, Tarn and Zach Adams.

Whick speaking to Eurogamer, the Kitfox Games said:

“Dwarf Fortress is going premium because we want more people to encounter the game, grow the community, and some of the creator’s close family members have developed serious health issues within the past six months, and money to support them is tight,”

“As it’s a sensitive and difficult matter, please respect Tarn and Zach’s privacy about this, but keep some well wishes in your hearts for them.

“Due to these rising healthcare costs, as well as the uncertain structure of Patreon, they decided it was time for them to have additional means of support.”

You can watch the announcement video for Dwarf Fortress below: