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DWG’s Showmaker And Canyon Mocks Khan After Losing Worlds: “Top Gap”



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Kim Dong-ha, known as “Khan,” is a 25-year-old South Korean League Of Legends player who has been representing DAMWON Gaming for almost a year. Before that, he was playing for FunPlus Phoenix.

DAMWON Gaming dominated 2021, and they headed towards Worlds as the favorites. While they pursue the finals without getting any trouble, the Korean team lost against EDward Gaming in the end.

Following the match, the players spoke in a post-match press conference and mid laner Heo “Showmaker” Su and jungler Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu decided to make a fun of their top laner, Khan.

Khan probably played his last official matches in the League Of Legends esports scene as he announced his retirement due to military service. Therefore, he wanted his teammates to send him home with smiles.

Because of that, Showmaker and Canyon wanted to mock their teammate and both told back to back that they lost because of Khan. According to both of these players, the match was nothing but ‘top gap.’

However, everybody knew that neither Showmaker nor Canyon were serious about these claims, and every single person laughed once they hear about the ‘top gap,’ including Khan himself.

Showmaker on the match:

“From the side of EDG, they came very prepared. From the side of DWG KIA, brother Khan played pretty bad today.”

Canyon talked about their losing factor:

“In an interview during spring season, I said that Wei and JieJie, two junglers, look good. Then, in important finals, against these two junglers, I got clapped. I guess I have a good eye for great junglers after all. Also, top diff.”

You can check out the interview below.

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