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EDG’s Viper: “Ghost Is A Role Model”



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Park Do-hyeon, known as “Viper,” is a 21-year-old South Korean League Of Legends player who has been representing EDward Gaming for almost a year. Previously, he was playing for Hanwha Life Esports.

Viper is considered the best AD carry player in the world, and he proved his worth by qualifying to the finals of League Of Legends World Championship 2021, which they will be facing DAMWON Gaming.

After beating up Gen.G Esports, Viper spoke in a post-match press conference and wanted to share his opinion about his enemy in the finals, 22-year-old South Korean player Jang “Ghost” Yong-jun.

In the conversation, Viper touched upon the fact that he watched so many games of Ghost and realized that he is a perfect AD carry player that optimized for DAMWON Gaming’s needs in the bot lane.

Furthermore, Viper mentioned that Ghost’s playstyle is the best way to perform as an AD carry in the current meta of the game and said that he actually learned a lot from watching Ghost’s pro view.

While Viper was showing his respect for Ghost and praising his talent, he also pointed out that Ghost is a player who can watch and learn from. As Viper said, Ghost is a role model, and he is an inspiration source for him.

Viper shared his opinion about Ghost:

“I VOD review Ghost’s matches as well as his Pro View very often. I came to realize Ghost is a bot laner that is optimized for DWG KIA, a style of AD carry that can perform the best given the current meta.

I saw I had a lot to learn from him. I was surprised. Because perhaps I was proud; I had thought that I had nothing more to learn as a player. Then I watch Ghost, and tell myself – ‘Of course, I still have a lot to go.’

He’s always a player one can watch and learn a lot from. And watching his trajectory, continuing to find success, from last year to this moment in time – I think to myself, he’s a role model. Ghost is a source of motivation for me. He continues to inspire me.”

You can check out the interview below.

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