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Edward Is Leaving Natus Vincere – Here Is The Players Reaction



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Ioann Sukhariev, known as “Edward” is 31-year-old CS:GO legend. He has been into Counter-Strike scene since 2004. Edward wore Natus Vince jersey for almost 6 years. After a bad performance from NaVi and Edward himself, the team wanted to change the roster and Edward benched by Natus Vincere.

FaZe Clan player Olofmeister said:

“A true legend @EdwardCSGO and deserves nothing but respect for what he has done in and for the game. Good luck with winstrike! Interesting to see what Navi can do with Boombl4 in the future!”

Team Nort Player Kjaerbye said:

“Best of luck man.. @EdwardCSGOD was an honor to compete against such a legend. Wishing you the best in your future career and life”

Natus Vincere said:

“Farewell Pistol King. We wish you only the best rounds & lucky shots”

MIBR player TACO said:

“Can’t understand people being so fucking disrespectful with a legend like Edward. He’s a great and legendary player who is there since the beginning either on the top or fighting for it. Can you even imagine how hard is that?”

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