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EliGE Shares His Thoughts About Droppable Grenades



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One of the most consistent players of all time, Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski, is a 24-year-old American CS:GO player who has been playing for Team Liquid since 2015. In his career, he earned over $900.000 from the tournaments.

Recently, Valve created a discussion about grenades and making them droppable things in the game such as the weapons. Right now, players can not drop any knives and grenades during the game. However, you will drop the last grenade you bought after got taken out.

EliGE wanted to share his opinion about this possible new feature by sharing a new post on his official Twitter account and explained what could it bring to the table.

In the tweet, EliGE pointed out that even though the droppable grenades sounds cool, he wants to see how it pan out. According to EliGE, people might abuse this feature or it might create a more selfish environment.

While he was saying that someone in the team might be a dedicated utility dropper for the team, he also mentioned that someone is going to sacrifice more in terms of weapons to drop utilities.

EliGE on the new possible grenade feature:

“The idea to make grenades droppable sounds cool and i’m interested in seeing how it pan out, but first thought is that it’s just gonna make someone on the team have to be the dedicated utility dropper / someone is going to have sacrifice more to drop nades to people which is meh.”

You can check out the post below.

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