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ENCE Announces Huge PUBG Roster Changes



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25-year-old Finnish PUBG player Aki Minkkinen, known as “TRYFFELI” and his teammate Miika Kinnunen, known as “miikaz” had been playing for ENCE since 5 March 2019. On 2 December, ENCE announced that they part ways with these players.

In addition to this, ENCE also announced their new players. Olli “Tiikzu” Saarikoski and DanielD1gg3r1 Luusua have joined the team.

ENCE player SKUIJKE said:

“After two rough Phases in the PEL, we felt like a change was necessary and we decided to replace miikaz and TRYFFELI. We considered what our best options would be and decided to recruit two talented players in Tiikzu and D1gg3r1. Most likely myself and Tiikzu will be doing the ingame leading, while Rustanmar and D1gg3r1 are going to be our heavy hitters. I believe with this lineup we will be a contender for more championships”

D1gg3r1 said:

“I’m super excited for this opportunity and ready to start grind with this lineup!”

Tiikzu said:

“Chapter 2.”

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