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ENCE General Manager Explains Why They Wanted To Add Snappi While Rebuilding The CS:GO Roster



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Marco Pfeiffer, known as “Snappi,” is a 30-year-old Danish CS:GO player who had played for teams like Heroic, Optic Gaming, c0ntact Gaming, and more. Since January 2021, he has been playing for ENCE.

ENCE’s general manager Niklas Ojalainen spoke in a recent interview with and talked about the team’s current status, the problems of the last year, and many more.

In the conversation, Niklas explained how they rebuilt the team by saying that they wanted their players to make a tier list, and they looked for the players who are best-fitting for the team. Also, he mentioned that they were looking for an experienced in-game leader, and they wanted to add Snappi immediately into the roster because he could make the players around him better.

Interviewer asked:

“Who picked the new players? Did you build the team together with Snappi?”

Niklas Ojalainen replied:

“We had a tier list with names suggested by the players we had under contract, except suNny. We asked them to put the players that they would like to play with into these tiers and then we talked about these options with sAw.

Quite early in the process, it became clear that Snappi was the IGL we wanted to build the team around because we really needed an experienced IGL that could make the players around him better.”

He added:

“So he was kind of the first piece of the puzzle, at a time when we didn’t even know if we would have doto or allu in the team. So it was like, ‘Which of the Finnish players are we going to keep, and how many other foreign players do we need to bring in?’ When we decided to go international, it was clear that we couldn’t take only one foreign player.

We had to have at least two, and it was better if we had three because of the balance of the team so that there wouldn’t be a group of Finnish players talking Finnish amongst themselves and then the outsiders. We wanted to keep the cohesion in the team and make everyone feel welcomed.”

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