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ENCE Wins The Blast Pro Series Madrid – Here Is The Community’s Reaction



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In the finals of Blast Pro Series Madrid, ENCE was against Astralis. The first map was Nuke and the last map was Train. Bo3 Match ended up with 2-0 in favor of ENCE. They managed to secure Nuke with 16-9 and Train with 16-13.  Also Jani Jussila, known as “Aerial” has got his first MVP award. Aerial played the finals with 46 kills-34 deaths and 1.41 rating within 91.3 ADR.

Cloud9 Player Timothy “automatic” Ta said:

“Congrats to @ENCE. They were solid the whole event.”

Astralis players; dupreeh said:

“Feels terrible to have had a good tournament, but to not hit the level in the final. @ENCE played better than us today! Ggwp and congrats.”


“Congratz @ENCE! Totally deserved. Also rip nuke streak. @alluCSGO definition of jinx”


“Lost 0-2 against @ENCE – sad loss for us as we really did everything we could to win that game. We have some stuff we need to work on and hopefully we will do better next time. Thanks for cheering and congrats ENCE.”


“Ggs! @ENCE were amazing and our performance just didnt cut it this time. Thanks for the support in the arena & from the online viewers. A 2nd place finish was what we could manage today. Next time we will be better.”


“It seems like we need to get back to the drawing board and work on a lot of stuff. GG’s and congratz to @ENCE !”

Caster/Analyst OnFireAnders said:

“What a team @ENCE is, congrats again to by boy @natu

Team North player Valde said:

“Really impressed by @ENCE  Smart, calculated and calm playstyle that is good enough to beat anyone. Impressive year so far! Congratz with the tournament win guys”

Team Vitality Player NBK:

“Absolutely deserved, what a team. Congrats @ENCE, Winland is here for stay!”

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