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eRa Eternity Returns To Rainbow Six Siege Scene, Officially Announces The New Roster For 2021



Earlier this month, the American esports organization eRa Eternity announced on their official Twitter account that they are re-entering the Rainbow Six Siege esports scene with the signing of a young Brazilian squad.

Back in 2017, eRa Eternity was one of the main organizations that fight for the trophies, and they even reached out to the finals of Six Invitational 2017. Unfortunately for them, they lost against Canadian and his colleagues in Continuum.

About a year later, eRa won the North America Qualifier for the Six Invitational 2018 and attended the biggest tournaments in the Siege scene with their young squad once again. However, things didn’t work out and they got eliminated. After a month, eRa quit the Rainbow Six Siege esports.

After almost three years, the North American organization decided to re-enter the Rainbow Six Siege scene and signed a group of talented and young people from Brazil. DreeuZ, Vrossi, ScorpioN, destiny, VITAKING, and coach THUG-LIFE.

The core of this roster; DreeuZ, ScorpioN, destiny, and their coach, THUG-LIFE, won the Challenger League Season 11 – Latin America last year, and also, they reached the finals of Brasileirão 2020: Série B. With these achievements, they proved their talent to the community.

Probably, eRa Eternity looked for young prodigies that can represent themselves in the future at high-tier tournaments, and it would be clear to say that this squad could bring trophies to the organization.

Moreover, we wanted to mention that eRa used to work with the young talents that have become great players today, such as Dylan “Bosco” Bosco and Seth “supr” Hoffman, so there is a high chance that this roster could make their names known in the future.

Additionally, we talked with the organization about their entrance to the Rainbow Six Siege scene. They were all excited about this journey and looking forward to reaching a high level in the scene once again.

Here is what co-owner of eRa, Jordan Daley said:

“We’re excited to get back into Rainbow 6, I have worked with ESL and the Rainbow 6 community for the last year in the French League and I’m excited to make a huge mark in Brazil.”

CEO of eRa Eternity, Alex Arteaga looked so thrilled:

“I’m happy to be back in Rainbow 6. The last time I was apart of Rainbow 6, we placed second in the Six Invitational, I’m looking forward to getting to that level once again.”

Truls Aandal, who is the co-owner of the organization, says this is a huge step forward:

“I’m always excited to see eRa step into another esport, We have wanted to get back into Rainbow 6 for quite some time. And this is another huge step forward in the right direction.”

eRa Eternity is now:

  • DreeuZ
  • Vrossi
  • ScorpioN
  • destiny
  • THUG-LIFE (coach)

You can check out the official announcement from eRa Eternity below.

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