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ESL CS:GO Announces The Freedom Match – Team North America Vs. Team Europe



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Between July 18-21 Intel Extreme Masters Season XIV will be start and ESL has announced that there will be a show match between Team North America vs Team Europe name called The Freedom Match. In the NA team, caster Moses will be captain and second player is Hiko. On the other hand, Team Europe has caster Anders as a captain and BIG Clan member smooya. The rest of the players didn’t announce yet.

Smooya said:

“I’m taking a pause from the bench and coming to @IEM Chicago 2019! Together with my captain @OnFireAnders and the rest of Team EU we’ll sail to America and battle Team NA for their freedom. Bring it on!”

Hiko said:

“Nobody is taking our freedom… I’ll be at IEM Chicago 🙂

You can check the tweets below.


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