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“Esports Will 100% Replace Traditional Sports,” Says A Social Media Manager Of Cloud9’s TenZ



In the second part of the interview with Nate Schanker, who is a specialist that runs the social media accounts of the players like Cloud9’s TenZ, FaZe Clan’s Babybay, Fortnite player Sofa, and more, we talked about the future of esports, and what will be the state of the esports compared to the traditional sports.


“It is so easy to watch a game that playing online from Twitch or other streaming platforms directly without any difficulties, and we think that this convenience will positively move the sector forward. After the coronavirus outbreak, the audience capacity in the stadiums of football, basketball, and other sports types has decreased to almost 0 viewers and gradually, the audience is started to be got into these events slowly. Do you think esports will be able to surpass traditional sports in the future?”

Nate Schanker:

“100%. Esports is the future. Witnessing the scene first hand changed my mind about esports in the fact that how these professional players have die-hard fans just like traditional sports.

The production that goes into LAN events is also crazy, and I cannot wait to see this scene grow.”


“Which player do you have the hardest time managing his/her social media and why?”

Nate Schanker:

“Right now it would have to be Khanada (@TSMKhanada). He has 228K followers on Instagram, and it is verified. His account is the hardest to manage because of how I have to differentiate from other Fortnite professional players that have that big of a following.”


“What kind of relationship do you have with TenZ or the other professional players?”

Nate Schanker:

“I am friends with all my clients. I talk to them all not just about Instagram but about tournaments, other business ventures, and just to talk about life. Like I said before it is the coolest thing obtaining a client and then developing a friendship from it.”

We will release the last part of this interview in further days. If you want to read the first part of our interview, click here.

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