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eUnited PUBG Player PistolaTime Has A Issue With Lan Tournaments – He Wants Help For A Solution



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Tom Banel, known as “PistolaTime” has been playing for eUnited since 2018. On 9 June, he revealed the problem he has with the lan tournaments. He said that he has performance issues on the computer. Many professional players replied to him for help.

PistolaTime said:

“I have an issue with low fps in LAN, makes me shoot/aim/recoil like crap. Anyone having the same issue that found a solution?”

Almost player M1ME replied:

“Make sure in the control panel your running 240hz when we played at the royale they were set to 60 lmfao”


“Yep i check all the time”

Another player ChubbaBubba said:

“Sometimes it feels like it dips below 60. Haven’t had this issue online for a while.”

PistolaTime replied:

“yeah my home setup is fine, its just lan. I think they dont OC the cpu past like 4gHz so it doesnt help.”


“Yeah I try to not worry about it with how little time we have to setup. Haven’t looked into the hardware they have.”

PistolaTime said:

“Hardware is fine, but oc is important for PUBG. Maybe lan is just different and requires more power”

Elevate player SteeZybb replied:

“Lol it was the opposite for me, had so much better FPS at lan compared to my home setup”


“some games are fine, others I just can’t shoot.”

Soniqs Esports player TGLTN replied:

“Lower fov, very low graphics, nvidia control panel set to performance. Those are the only real changes I can think of. Try screen scale at 100 too?”

PistolaTime said:

“Yeah screen scale is at 100. I do everything else, except lower FOV cause I wont be able to play not at 103 xD”

You can read the conversation below.

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