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eUnited PUBG Player Revealed The Untold Tip To Play Better



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Tom Banel, known as “Pistolatime” is a Canadian PUBG player who is playing for eUnited since 2018. On 7 June, he revealed the untold tip to improve and to be a better player that no one could predict it.

Pistolatime said:

“Getting better at any team game doesnt only involve mechanics, decision making etc. It also involves how you act outside of the game. Your personality affects your team a lot more than one might think. This means changing as a person is MANDATORY to be a BETTER PLAYER. It is hard”

Pistolatime added:

“but you need to learn to put your ego (everyone has one) aside and accept what ever comes to you if you want to reach high. I face this thought every night, thinking how I could have handled irl situations better, the same anyone would do after a play that failed in the game.”

You can read his tweets from below.

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