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Evil Geniuses Adds Impact Into Their League Of Legends Roster



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25-year-old South Korean League Of Legends player Jung Eon-yeong, known as “Impact,” had played for teams like Cloud9, T1, NRG Esports, and more. For the last two years, he was playing for Team Liquid.

Evil Geniuses took their official Twitter account to share a new post and announced their new top laner after the departure of Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon, and they welcomed Impact for his new spot in the roster.

While the North American organization was saying that they are so pleased to add Impact to their evil plan, Impact didn’t share any post to share his feelings besides sharing a hashtag of the organization.

Here is the official announcement from Evil Geniuses:

“The plan is coming together. We’ve added Impact to our EVIL plan. Join us in welcoming him to the team.”

Impact wrote:


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