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Evil Geniuses Announces CS:GO Roster Changes



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32-year-old Brazilian coach Wilton Prado, known as “zews,” had worked for teams like Team Liquid, MIBR, SK Gaming, and many more. Between 2016-2018, he led his teams to the final most of the time.

Evil Geniuses announced that they agreed with zews as a coach for the team and filled the gap from the former coach of the team, Chet “ImAPet” Singh.  As you might remember,  ImAPet left the team due to the conflict with the players.

Here is the announcement from Evil Geniuses:

“Please join us in welcoming zews to the Evil Geniuses family! With a long and illustrious history as both a pro player and a coach, Zews has his sights set on the #1 spot in the ESL Pro League and beyond.”

Here is what zews said:

I’m an Evil Genius now #liveevil”

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I'm an Evil Genius now #liveevil

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