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Evil Geniuses Announces New Partnership: Razer



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Evil Geniuses is an Esport team that competing games like Dota2, Rainbow Six Siege and more. On 21 May, They announced their new partnership: Team Razer.

According to the EG:

“Evil Geniuses is happy to announce that we have entered into a two-year partnership with Razer Inc., who will outfit our top-flight gaming divisions with the tools and peripherals they need to compete at the highest level.”

“In branching out into technology such as smartphones and PC hardware, they remain unafraid to expands into new niches — we believe that this willingness to take chances to grow aligns with our principles and values.”

“Evil Geniuses have previous history with Razer, who helped us launch a line of EG-branded BlackWidow keyboards, Taipan mice, and Goliathus mousemats in 2013; we’re happy to once again be part of Team Razer to further forge our legacy.”

You can read the full announcement from here.

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