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Evil Geniuses Coach Gotcha Thinks New Operator Needs A Buff



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Aaron Chung, known as “Gotcha” is a funny person that everybody loves in Rainbow Six Siege scene. He has been coaching for EG since 2018. After Ubisoft released new operation and operators -defense operator Warden and attack operator Nokk– Gotcha shared his opinion about the Warden who is using new tech glasses that make him immune to all flashbangs and also able to see through smokes.

Gotcha said:

“Initial impression of Warden: I think Warden is a bit passive as an operator. He’s 1 speed and could easily be 2 speed without making him too strong. He doesn’t bring that much utility (barb + shield), and his gadget is very situational. I think he could use a slight buff”

You can check his tweet from below.

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