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Evil Geniuses Coach Gotcha Thinks Ubisoft Need to Fix The Sounds – Pengu Confirms The Issue



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Aaron Chung, known as “Gotcha” has been coaching for Evil Geniuses since late 2018. On 7 May, He tweeted about the issues that everybody’s struggled with: Crouch walking, silent drop, and Maverick’s Torch.

Gotcha said:

“Sound in Siege needs to be fixed. Sound is one of the most important features of a tactical fps like Siege. It’s ridiculous that you can have reverse sound (hearing your left when the enemy’s on your right), still silent drop, can’t hear crouch walkers at all, and Mav is broken.”

G2 Esports player Pengu replied:

“Seems like a sound priority system thats broken, I havent heard a plant in the past year I dont think, its almost as everything is just 1 level meaning no priority over others, a teammate reloading will literally cover the sound of someone sprinting next to you”

Gotcha said:

“oh yeah, how could i forget silent planting lmao”

You can check the tweets below.

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