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Evil Geniuses CS:GO Coach ImAPet Makes An Controversial Statement: “CS:GO Is Now A Pay To Win Game!”



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Chet Singh, known as “ImAPet,” is one of the youngest and talented coaches in the CS:GO scene. 23-year-old American coach has been working for Evil Geniuses since September 2019, and before that, he was coaching for NRG Esports.

ImAPet has shared a new tweet on his official Twitter account today and made a controversial statement about CS:GO’s new agent skins. He stated that these skins are literally ‘pay to win’ on every map and Valve should fix this problem as soon as possible

Here is what ImAPet wrote:

“These agent skins are literally pay to win camo in almost all maps. Surely this is going to be addressed still in the next updates.”

Cloud9 coach m1cks replied:

“Surely you are too optimistic.”

ImAPet replied:

“It’s so messed up, there is literally skins on both sides just giving advantages for so many situations.”

You can check his tweets below.

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